Next Generation of
Asset Tracking


Track all your instruments

We make tracking all your tagged and non-tagged instruments and supplies easier, quicker, and more efficient. Our instrument tracking can be used at any stage of the process to help improve all aspects.

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Increase Patient Safety

Using our tools, we can give your an accurate instrument count in seconds while also eliminating unnecessary items from entering the OR.


Instrument Management

We make building a set easier with locating sets or individual instruments. Our software keeps track of maintenance and helps automate the process.


On Demand Data and Reporting

Our surgical suite provides detailed reporting to help keep records of an instrument life cycle, the record of decontamination and sterilization processes. We make CSPD more accurate and efficient while also immediately notifying you of lost and damaged items.


Our Software Provides

Quality & Safety Innovations

Trays are built from the repository of tagged and non-tagged instruments. An electronic record is registered for the surgery.

Trays are delivered to the surgery suite for the procedure.

A pre-op scan is performed of all tagged items. A check off is performed on the touch screen for non-tagged items. The electronic record is updated.

Real time tracking of utilized items within the surgical suite

A post-op scan is performed on all tagged items. A check off is performed of all non-tagged items used. The electronic record is updated.

Instruments can be sent through multiple wash stations based on the facility workflow. The electronic record is updated accordingly.

Instruments are returned to the assembly area and prepared for use. The electronic record is updated and closed per instrument.

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