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Established in 2012, SURGICAL SAFETY SCANNER, Inc. (now RapID Surgical) patented technology automates instrument inventory management and the process of accounting for surgical instruments before, during, and after surgical operations. Worldwide, the current process is completed manually, making the process error-prone and time and labor intensive, creating a high-risk safety and high-cost environment.

Unique benefits of the technology include inventory management, real-time tracking, automated maintenance, utilization and reprocessing data, tray optimization, and elimination of lost, missing, or retained instruments. Related technology product lines include intelligent endoscope cabinets and scope tag placement that facilitates lifecycle, use, reprocessing, and real-time tracking of endoscopes facilitating regulatory compliance through automation. Additionally, RFID & RTLS technology labels hospital assets providing real-time tracking and inventory management within or outside the hospital.

RapID Surgical offers the only comprehensive enterprise-wide automated system placing them light years ahead of their competition.  They also have doctorly prepared healthcare implementation and dissemination experts that educate and mentor their customers on evaluating their investments.

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